Porsche Cayenne can no longer start after hot car flameout

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Porsche Cayenne can no longer start after hot car flameout

A mileage of about 41000KM Porsche Cayenne after hot car engine flameout, then can not start.

Test found that the starter can normally take the engine to running, at the beginning have start phenomenon, then not have start trend, and make more does not change the fault phenomenon.

Use Porsche Piwis Tester II to check the engine not have fault code, remove the spark plug was found drowned, boil dry the spark plug to start also have the phenomenon like the first, then running dry. According to this phenomenon, and the engine does not have fault code, the electronic control system not have problem, still check the engine, nothing more than the gas path, oil passage, ignition circuit, cylinder pressure and timing.

According to the previous check, gas path, oil passage and ignition all not have problem, just the timing and cylinder pressure. Since timing proofreading need to remove a lot of parts, so check cylinder pressure at first, connect the cylinder pressure gauge, the first gauge needles is about 10 pressure, just want to stop, after the second compression found gauge needles maximum swing reach 12 pressure, then think the pressure bigger than the normal, after long time start, gauge needles maximum reading can reach 16 pressure, and the normal cylinder pressure need be 9-12 pressure.

Based on experience, feels the muffler blocked, start again, check the muffler, without outlet feeling, remove the two oxygen sensors of the front start the engine, running normal. Remove the muffler, found the back is very heavy, use endoscope to check found that blocked by ice, after deal with clean to test the car, normal.

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